Red Sun Rising


February 20th, 9:55 am

You find what drives you and mesmerized you
Leaving us to discover love through
The fascination isn’t
Fascination unless
It motivates you to death

Do you miss us at all?
Well never mind
It’s the same old rhetoric
If you want to complain
Well would you mind
Remembering us for a change?

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February 19th, 7:16 pm

There are times on stage where total submersion in the music occurs. Sometimes I have to really think about moments in the set to remember exactly what happened. Kinda like when you are reading a book and your mind wanders and then your 6 pages further and you think “did I really just read all that? And where the hell was I”? Thank you all for being there this weekend and letting go you deserve it. - Mike Winnetka, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Stone Sour The Dead Deads
-- Mike Protich
#redsunrising #wearethread
📸 Pix Meyers Photography
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February 18th, 8:57 am

Thank you Milwaukee. Next stop Indianapolis
#redsunrising #wearethread @stonesour
📸 @esofficialstudios
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February 17th, 3:17 pm

New grooves. Go check it out. #Fascination now featured on the #RockHard Playlist @spotify @allihagendorf #redsunrising #wearethread 🌚🌻🍄 ... See MoreSee Less

February 17th, 10:57 am

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Another one in the books. Off to Milwaukee. Thanks Grand Rapids, 20 Monroe Live & Stone Sour. #redsunrising #wearethread 📸 @norkusa

February 16th, 9:20 am

Fascination occurs now. 🍄🌚🌻
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February 15th, 1:56 pm

Tomorrow. #redsunrising #wearethread #fascination ... See MoreSee Less

February 15th, 10:53 am

Last night was a super cool experience. We got to play a little chapel in Winnetka, IL to a community of music lovers. It was small and intimate and we got to play more chill versions of our songs and tell stories. I didn’t see cell phones recording the show, I didn’t see people talking. I saw people listening and enjoying a moment. Thank you for the opportunity and for your music community that you helped create. - Mike Protich Chicago, Illinois

Oh and it was right by the Home Alone house 🏡
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February 14th, 11:24 am

You find what drives you and mesmerized you
Leaving us to discover love through
Isn’t Fascination
Unless it motivates you to death #redsunrising #wearethread #fascination 🍄🌚🌻
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February 13th, 7:17 pm

Fascination occurs this Friday. Pass it on...🌻🍄🌚
#redsunrising #wearethread #fascination
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